How to write a book for kids

I am Seven-years old and I wrote a kids book about travelling the world

This year my book will be published and now I am going to teach you how to make a book for kids.

You can easily make an e-book and a printed book with no upfront cost for you

How to write a book for kids

Here are the steps that I took to write my book

1. Think about what you have done or cool things that you really like and are interested in.

2. Write down all your ideas and choose the one that is the coolest ( If you can’t think of any ideas try to write a diary every day and look back at it to see if there is anything cool in it)

3. Once you have you ideas, and you put them in a nice order then you are ready for the next step

4. Draw the pictures. I use my tablet and an app called sketch. You can use anything you like. Even a book and pencils

5. Put the ideas into a story that match the pictures you drew. I drew 20 pictures from different countries but I didn’t put them all in my book.

How to turn it into a real book

The best way is to turn you story into a real published book is to download a program called Adobe Indesign. You need to use a computer or laptop for this

You can also use Microsoft word but it is harder to turn into a PDF and get it published.

My mum downloaded the program so she is going to help me write the rest of this article to show you how to write a book for kids and get it published.


How to use Adobe Indesign easily to create you book

After we decided the amount of pages we wanted to have in the book we opened Indesign and got started

You need to use the print tab

Select the size book that you want to make

We chose 8.5″X8.5″ because that is the biggest size that our print-on-demand company uses. It s also a nice size for a kids book.

One of the most important things to remember is to use a bleed for the pages

A bleed is to ensure that when you print on demand book is printed that the pictures aren’t cut off.

The bleed size around the edges should be .125″ each

When you have done that you can insert you pictures onto the pages you want

Insert Your Drawings and the Story you made

To insert you drawings onto you book from the sketch app

1. Upload them to google photos.

2. Then from there you can download them onto you computer.

3. To put them into you book on Indesign select file-place and insert you drawing from Downloads on to the page it belongs

4. Get an adult to help you spell correct and type you story into the pages you story belongs

When you book is finished you need to export it as a PDF so that you can upload it to you print on demand publisher.


– Getting the layout right and a nice font is the most important part.

– Also make an exciting front cover that makes other kids want to read it.

– Putting little helpful things for kids like a map or real life píctures of you story at the end or any extra bits that relate to you story.


How to Publish it

You can easily publish you book by yourself and sell it on Amazon and even book stores depending on how big it gets.

You can do all of this with no additional cost to you. And you don’t need to worry about storage of hundreds of books because they are printed when one is sold

It is a good way to create an asset and generate passive income



The company we used is called Create Space.

Kayla´s 40 Page kids book sells for $14.99

The cost taken out of this to print on demand is $6.20

the total revenue she makes is 7.20 for every book sold if the book is sold through her website or on amazon.

if it is sold through a book shop it is a much lesser income.


Print on demand publishing

To make and sell you book as a print on demand book you can sign up to create space, which is an Amazon Company

1. Make a Createspace account (or log onto you existing account) and add you title.

2. Enter information about the book such as the title, categories, and blurb.

3. Upload the Interior File and the Cover File.
It is very easy but it takes a while.

Then you can order you a copy of you book so you can see what it looks like in real life!

You also have the option to sell the book as an e-book on Kindle and other places


Publishing you book with a Publisher

First you need to find yourself a children book agent

1. Google search “children book agents”

2. Google search “how to make a standout children book agent request letter”

3. Email every single agent you can find with you request

Make sure that you follow each agent´s specific requirements as per stated in their website or they may not even be able to open you book.


Self Publishing with a Local printing company

This one is probably the nicest way to print because although you need to store a few hundred books and have money to make them first. The end result is much nicer than print on demand. You can choose to have indented front cover pictures and even some text that have a foil shine to them etc.

Here´s how you can do it:

1. Research you local printing companies and request prices and extras that they offer.

2. Find the best price for you and make sure that they are able to create the book exactly as you would like.

3. Give them a copy of you PDF and they will print as many copies of you book as you would like.


The road best travelled

Honestly the easiest route is to self publish you book. A lot of people are doing it these days and are getting better results than a legitimate book publisher and here´s why:

Book publishers simply print you book and put no effort into advertising or promoting you book.

This is all done by you.

Which ever route you decide to take make sure that is the easiest on you and produces the best book that you are happy with.

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