The Little Girl Who Travelled The World



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The Little Girl Who Travelled The World

This Book is a first of its kind and follows a beautiful story, to warm hearts and incite positive change.

Seven-year old Makayla has written and illustrated a book about her real life world travels.

“The little girl who travelled the world” will be available for purchase in May 2018 from her website, Amazon and kindle.

Paperback is $14.99

E-book $6.99

Her story starts at her home in Australia and tells how she began travelling with her mum, at only six years of age.

The book highlights the many countries she visited including the Taj Mahal, Petra, Egypt and even touches on some social issues she encountered.

It is a feel good travel book that gives kids insight into the world around them and encourages them to travel too.

Today I sat down with Makayla to discuss her book.


Your drawings are very cute! What is your book about?

It is about a little girl who travels the whole world with her mum.

Who is the little girl in the book?

The little girl is me.

Why did you write a book?

I wanted teach kids how to travel. That’s why I started my YouTube channel but my mum was making a book so I wanted to make one too


What countries did you visit in your book?

I went a lot of places but In my book I only put a few of the countries I visited in real life. Some places I put in my were India and Colombia and Egypt.

What was your favourite place?

Colombia because I have a lot of friends and I want to buy a house and go to school with my friends.

What does your book talk about?

I tell kids they can travel too and they can help kids that don’t have a house.

How can other kids travel?

They can write a book and save for their trip and they could nicely ask their parent to help them save. They can show their mum or dad cool pictures of the world so they want to go travelling.

What’s your favorite thing about travelling?

Seeing cool places and making lots of friends and learning about different cultures and playing with my mum

I realize you didn’t put every country you visited, will we see another book in the near future?

Hahaha I am writing a book about Iceland and I want to write a book about every country I visit. Hopefully I will write one about Antarctica too because I really want to visit there.


With so many things happening in the world today Makayla´s book lightly touches on experiencing cultures. Seeing children the same age as her, sleeping on the streets in Turkey. She also mentions how thankful she is to have food and a place to sleep. These things are often taken for granted in a prosperous country as Australia and New Zealand

This book is a great way for children to be introduced to social issues around the world and also provides the opportunity to help these disadvantaged children.

Exciting things for the future

Makayla´s Mother says that the most exciting thing about her book is the fact that it will be published in their original language of Te Reo Maori and the e-book will distributed for free throughout schools in New Zealand, Australia and a Spanish version will be distributed in South America where they are currently travelling.

“The ability to see a child just like yourself, in a book that is in your own language is a beautiful and inspiring thing, I think she has the ability to inspire a lot of children”

Other Things on the horizon

In addition to making videos on how to travel, Makayla is learning to write SEO articles for her website. One of her first articles is to teach other children how to make and publish a book and how to learn to speak another language.

She also spends her days in Ecuador exploring the city of Quito, playing with her dog Benji, doing online school and learning to play the guitar.

Future travel plans

Makayla is planning to visit Machu Picchu in June 2018 and live in Brazil for 6 months teaching children English and in turn learning Brazilian Portuguese. Days of playing by the beach and living in the forest lay ahead of them.

Chile is also on the horizon and a brief visit to Australia/New Zealand to visit family and schools.

“She wants to visit schools and give her e book to them for free. She really wants other kids to see the world and realize that it is a beautiful place”

Benefits of travelling

The opportunities from travelling the world have been endless, Makayla has been featured in a article and an Australian travel e-mag “Travel Bound” which is featured in the Virgin Australia in flight entertainment magazine.

“I have so many friends all over the globe in many countries”

She has been able to pick up many languages from Icelandic to Arabic. The most current being Spanish.

After all her travelling she has written this book and drawn the pictures with the hopes of helping other children.

The book is available May 2018

Your can buy it from a link on her website and through amazon or kindle

The price lists as follows

Paperback $14.99

E-book $6.99

With the amount of information and Children’s books out there. This is a first of its kind and follows a beautiful story to warm hearts and incite and encourage positive change.

The pictures Makayla has drawn are super cute and the photos of her adventures at the end of the book are awesome.

What a beautiful read and a good book to have for the kids

Honored to interview Makayla and her mother and to hear their stories of world adventure.

Look forward to hearing more about this little girl in the future. Her goals of owning an airbnb house in Colombia with dogs and a trampoline for the kids to visit is beyond cute.

Be sure to get your own copy of the book and checkout her helpful travel articles throughout her site


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  1. I am in love with Kayla already. I will definitely sign up to purchase her book. I am so inspired by her. She is so smart and such a positive influence on young children all over the world. I wish Kayla nothing but the best. 🙂

    1. Thanks Viv 🙂 i really appreciate it xx

  2. It looks like I have found our next set of reading for our daughter! Thank you!

    1. Kayla says:

      Thanks so much! i hope it helps inspire your daughter too 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness how awesome!! What an inspiring young lady. She really knows what she wants, and is excited to go after it. What amazing experiences for her! 🙂

    Awesome job creating a book Makayla! Keep up the good work!


    1. Thank You Sarae 🙂

  4. What an amazing feat for such a young girl! I must share her story with my children!

    1. Thank You! xo

  5. What a great little girl! To be so insightful at her age just warms my heart.
    She makes me want to travel too and take my kids to see all the cool places she’s been.
    Keep the books coming Makayla!

    1. Thank you so mcuh Yemi 🙂 🙂

  6. Wow this is a very bright girl. And very luck she has gotten to travel the world. It is also super sweet she wants to share it with the world through a child’s eye. Can’t wait

    1. Thank you Melissa! she has been so lucky to be able to travel some of the most incredible places in the world 🙂 it has been a beautiful expperience for her and she has had many opportunities
      Thanks for your support xx

  7. Brandon says:

    This is an amazing story I can’t WAIT to read it! Although sadly it isn’t out yet, I’ll be signing up and getting on that asap. It’s definitely not common to hear about children travelling the world so that’s why I’m so interested in what’s involved. You’ve just found another customer, thanks 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Brandon. Deffinitely appreciate the support! she has had an NZ article written about her in ill link it below..
      Hope everything is well with you in NZ 🙂

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